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Godspeed Valentine’s Day

Optivion - The Artist For Dinner

Optivion - girls in Kimono Japan

OPTIVION - Hello Valentines day

“The ‪#‎heart‬ keeps the magic going.”


#Steampunk Media and Sculpture Created with Optivion Gears.


Optivion - all aboard (The SteamPunk Train)

OPTIVION - Mad Bunny Rides

Sonic Haiku Moment

A lions sleeps on

The dream evolves naturally blue

The sound slowly drifts

The Ghoulie Pod Continues Exploring!

Ghoulie Bot - The Ghoulie Pod - The Visit To The Alien Cityghoulie bot -The Vacation

Ghoulie Bot (Ghoulie Pod) - Leaving Kyoto, Japan

More Sleeping Beauties.

Optivion - The Cyborg's New Weapon

optivion - New friends from my head #art

optivion - Mr

~Uncanny and Uncommon from the sketch book.

Optivion - Taurus and The Leviathan

Optivion - Coming to life #art

Optivion - Motohara Cat

Happy New Year : Take a Photo, Sing or Make Some New #Art !

Optivion -Happy New Year

Optivion - Japan


Ideas for The New Year

“Hold an umbrella in one hand and a surprise in the other!” 

Find a new book, make some terrible art work. Get lost in a new city. Explore good magic and keep learning new skills! Write a poem, bake some cookies for a friend. Make a treasure map, and if you find  a new key in the clue, make a copy!

Optivion -New Year is here

Perhaps the most important of all, sing your favorite song, loud and clear and don’t worry so much about the harmony!




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