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❦ ❧❦ ❧ Robot Love Stories ❦ ❧❦ ❧

❦ ❧❦ ❧FUN❦ ❧❦ ❧

♔ “Hope and Departure” ♔

°☆ Always A Knight (‘Steampunk’ Intro Version)°☆

♡Prince of the Moon♡

Steampunk Hello Kitty, Doraemon and Kumamon

Hello Kitty Steampunk Sunday

Optivion - Hello Kitty Steampunk Art

Optivion - Hello Kitty Steampunk Sculpture

Optivion - HelloKitty Steampunk #art

Optivion - Hello Kitty Steampunk 3D

Optivion - Hello Kitty Steampunk customized

Drafting : Takehiko Inoue Interprets Gaudi’s Universe

Takehiko Inoue Interprets Gaudi’s Universe — at 長崎県美術館 Nagasaki Prefectual Art Museum.

“Fun, but no photos allowed.”

OPTIVION -  GAUDI CHAIR Casa Calvet Armchair (heart-shaped back)

Ink Sketch : Casa Calvet Armchair
( Heart – shaped back )

Artist Antoni Gaudí sketch by Optivion

My graphite sketch of Antoni Gaudí.

Optivion - 長崎県美術館 Nagasaki Prefectual Art Museum.

“The museum : a place of visual remedy and creative rejuvenation.”

(長崎県美術館 Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum.)

More info: http://www.gaudinoue.com



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