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#mondaymotivation : love the monster inside!

Optivion - The Monster Guitar series Art.jpg

Check out #OptivioN on #Pandora and “Remember, remember Galactic November”

optivion tour art flyer

Listen to Free Unicorn on Pandora 

Check Out My Improvisational Skills 🃏 😎🃏 😎🃏 😎🃏 😎

New Music Video: just in time for #Halloween






‘Protect Again’ from the album Free Unicorn, Download on iTunes and enjoy coke!

Robot Love, Robot Art, Robot Cosplay…………..Smile!!

optivion - robot art exhibition

Optivion - Robot Art

Optivion - Robot Cosplay

Optivion - Up to no good!

Optivion - Use the force, Burg!

Optivion art pink

Optivion - Iron Helm

Optivion - Robot Art Friends

Optivion - FUN ART

Optivion - Halloween coming


optivion - artist

Optivion - Art

robot the robot collage

Tropical Robot Lovers Unite at The Burg!!

Retro Fire Video : Moments from Burning Man 2015


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