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Wishing all: A Creative Halloween!

optivion - zombie art halloween time


Do your thing: Make everyday your creative Halloween


A great “Day of the Dead and Happy Dia de Los Muertos, homiez!







👻🎃 :: Whimsical Halloween Video Game :: 👻🎃


optivion Halloween Video Game



OptivioN - Japanese Halloween Video Games




optivion - Magic School



Halloween-themed games are fun to play all year round. Nonetheless, I doubt any chills can come from the japanese multiplayer kawaii mayhem I am enduring, but I do love the magic atmosphere, fashionable strange friends and the whimsical video music. Find it all here:  http://ameblo.jp/optivion/



Zombie Prom

%22optivion%22 - halloween zombie groove

I heard the calling of the undead on my way to Halloween Horror Nights and decided to stop by the safety of the harbor and check the paranormal section at the library and of course watch the spooky zombie prom.

optivion zombie prom

optivion - ghoul tribe


Optivion - Zombie Queen


zombie girls


The Zombie Prom


optivion - reading zombie

“Here comes Halloween so ask your school librarian for a scary book”


Avoid The Empire, Facebook And Google: On your speeder bike!

Optivion - %22Starwars%22 Speeder Bike


~Más Rápido


Sunday, Sketch, Stitch, Sweep and Shake

Optivion - Painting

space cadets sketching by  Optivion

Optivion - Ghostly Motivation

Optivion - Sunlight

OPTIVION - Gothic Art

Optivion - Colors

Optivion - Colors Yahoo

Optivion- Beard artist

Poem for Sunday Shake
I had painted in October, inside the tune of the day
Was lured by autumn’s crisp ink
Central to the song you came, internal colors
Titian, untitled and cool.
Shake it off, shake it off.
Optivion - The Autumn Tree
~Fools are poets with invisible wings and colorful brushes.
Optivion - The Artist Believes




Nasa Adventure Photos!


Optivion -nasa collage



nasa collage3 by optivion

The glove by OptivioN

cozy by optivion


helmet one

Nasa Boots by OptivioN

Above me the spaceman


rocket boosters by optivion

Optivion - Atlantis

Atlantis Nasa by optivion


Nasa Space Atlantis


space suit 4 by Optivion

nasa collage by OptivioN

nasa pod


nasa mission launch - optivion

Apollo by optivion

boosters Nasa by optivion


engine optivion


nasa fireman by optivion

Nasa fuel by optivion


 Groovy technology, artificial intelligence, and space travel:

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 … All engines running. Liftoff!








Once Upon A Time!

Disney - Snow white is a bloody robot

Snow White might be a robot!

Optivion -Disney Peter-pan


Optivion - Alligator


Optivion Disney's Desk

Optivion - Disney Abraham Lincoln Audio-AnimatronicOptivion - Disney

OptivioN - Disney - The Price Of Fame.

The price of fame.

Optivion - disney maleficent dragon

Optivion - Disney Maharajan Jungle

Optivion - tree of life

 Adrenaline Shot for the Tree of Life!

Optivion - Disney World Spooky

Optivion -Animal Kingdom Bat House

Optivion -Disney Fireworks

Had a season pass to Walt Disney World so I photographed a bunch of broken fairytale dreams and sweaty spooky characters walking around at the Magic Kingdom park. I love Tokyo Disney, but the old attractions, mad fireworks, musical howling and dark Disney characters made it a fun visit. Hot humid fantasy becomes a reality as you get lost and puke from heat and exhausted from the Florida sun burning a hole in your brain inside Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square and The Haunted Mansion.



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