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Egg Hunt


Optivion - Easter Egg
“No, not you Johnny! Not you too.”



Optivion - Lonesome Easter Egg

“I am getting off the tour bus!”

Slowly Building A Universe!


Optivion - Building A World

Imagine and build.

The Forgotten Reactors


Optivion - The Forgotten Reactor (Japan)
Japan’s cabinet approved an energy policy reversing the previous government’s plans to slowly retire nuclear power plants, Total amnesia forgetting the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

 Optivion - Forgotten Reactors

~At times the future seems blighted!

Life on Mars? How Else to Explain This Mars Rover Photographs?



Optivion - Mars Harmonica
Optivion - Life on Mars

Optivion - Best Alien Music

Optivion - Teleport

It was simply my harmonica!

(The atmosphere in Mars is less than 1% of Earth’s, so it is quite hard to play a tune!)

Click for More Harmonica Here!

March Monster Poem

Chomped hours and youth.

Adios March monster?
Milleniums dance party?
Chart-topping savings?
The pursuit of Keeping Up?

Youth follows winter’s trail,
Smart phones have prevailed!

Like texting black holes.
Skate or die in summer said Achilles.

You like winter are perhaps unkind.
You like spring are perhaps less blind.

Misfit full of warmth.
Age’s vision is small,

Youth is love and bold,
We grow weak and cold.

Reboot because we no longer rewind.

March Monster by OptivioN

Rainy Day?

OptivioN -  Write and play song again

Write and play it!

OptivioN - Fix it!

Fix and Build it!

OPTIVION - Words are magical 'Read'

Write and read it!

Be Creative, Be Swift: Space Pirate.

Optivion - Artist

Pirate gear,vintage  microphone, combat brushes, steampunk harmonica:
Now all I have to do is grow a beard and keep at it!


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